How to Teach Kindness and Empathy to Your Kids This Christmas

Our Top Tips to Help You Teach by Example, so You Can Raise Forgiving, Fantastic Children Who Are Considerate of Others
Posted by Brooke Parsons on 13 December, 2022

As parents, it’s up to us to teach our little ones the ways of the world. But is kindness really a teachable skill?

We argue… YES.

All young kids are innately kind and eager to please, but sometimes they need a little helping hand along the way because:

  • The subtle signs are hard to pick up on
  • They might need direction to see the bigger picture
  • They might not see the full effects of their behaviors on others

So now the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time for you to harness the hustle and bustle and teach your little ones about the true meaning of Christmas.

In this blog, we’re going to delve into our top five suggestions to teach kindness and empathy by example. So you can raise forgiving, fantastic children who are considerate of others and grow up to be well-rounded adults.

Does that sound good? 

Then keep on reading!

1. Create Christmas-Themed Kindness Rocks

Creating Christmas-themed kindness rocks is a fantastic opportunity to practice thinking about others and get creative simultaneously. 

Go to the local park or beach, find some rocks, and paint them with encouraging messages. 

Once painted, you can hide them for people to stumble across. 

Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Leave them out on the porch for delivery drivers to see 
  • Place them on each table setting at your holiday dinner
  • Put a basket for people to help themselves to on the street corner

The opportunities to spread a little joy are endless!

2. Save for a Good Cause

One of the best ways how to teach kindness and empathy is to model the behaviour you want to see with positive actions.

For example, how about…

  • Helping out at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve?
  • Putting together care packages for people staying at a nearby homeless shelter?
  • Donating your used books to the local library? 

Kids learn by your actions, so go and make them happen!

3. Read Bedtime Stories That Include Kindness

During storytime, kids are especially receptive to lessons that teach values.

And by engaging their imagination, kindness will reach their hearts in a way that one-on-one discussions never can.

Picture books about kindness are great because they’re a fun way to teach kids to notice the world around them and find ways to make life easier for others.

4. Have a 'Good Deeds' Chart

Like adults, your kids do better when they have clear, written goals.

That's why a ‘good deeds’ chart is a fun way to share goals with your kids and motivate them in a fun and visual way. 

Check out these examples for some inspiration.

Good deeds for kids are a great way to empower them, make a difference, and positively impact their behaviour.

5. Help Them Understand Kindness Is Not Always Easy

Because the path to kindness isn’t always a straight one.

  • It can be challenging to be generous with a sibling who's annoying you. 
  • It can be scary to stick up for a friend. 
  • It can feel awkward to offer your comfort to a grieving person. 

As parents, it’s up to you to gently coach your kids and remind them how other people might be feeling. 

Encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions. 

TOP TIP: When your kids are kind, catch them in the act and reinforce their behavior with words: "You’re so kind [NAME], I’m so proud of you for sharing your cookie with your friend!"

We hope these five small practices will encourage your kids and help you understand how to teach kindness and empathy with simple, interactive strategies. 

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Has this blog inspired you to spread the love this Christmas?

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