Frequently Asked Questions

At Lisa’s Staffing Solutions, we take the hard work out of finding the perfect fit for your family. Whether you’ve been thinking about hiring a live-in nanny, a domestic cleaner, a casual babysitter, or home help, we have you covered! If you have any inquiries, questions, or concerns that aren’t covered on our FAQ page, please get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

How Much Do Staff Cost and How Do I Pay Them?

At Lisa's Staffing Solutions we offer a wide variety of services to suit all kinds of budgets. You can find our pricing by visiting our fees and services page. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with both our clients and staff and add an agency fee to every booking. This fee is subject to change based on what type of booking you make and will be clearly stated on your bill. All our fees are paid by credit card.

What Are Your Cancelation Costs?

Sometimes plans change! If you decide you don’t need our services anymore or need to cancel a booking, our agency fee is non-refundable once the booking is confirmed. If you have more questions feel free to send us an inquiry or read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Do You Offer Overnight Babysitters?

If you have a trip planned, you might be thinking about hiring a nanny to look after your kids for a night, two nights, or even a week! We’re pleased to stay this is possible and can provide you with an overnight nanny or temporary live-in nanny. Just send us an inquiry, let us know your dates, and we can get something sorted so your little ones are in safe hands.

Can I Request a Certain Member of Staff?

Have a certain member of staff your kids adore? No problem! If you have a preferred member of staff that you would like to work with you, then just email us and let us know. We will make sure to always try to accommodate your request as often as possible.

Can I Hire One-off Staff When I Need Them?

Casual bookings are always welcomed at Lisa’s Staffing Solutions. Need a babysitter for the night? Someone to assist you at your kids’ party? Or a domestic cleaner to help around the house for a day? Whatever it is, feel free to send an inquiry and we’ll see what we can do for you.

How Do I Know Your Staff Are Qualified?

We know how hard it is to find affordable, trustworthy, and reliable staff. That’s why we take safety very seriously and put our staff through a thorough screening test before signing anyone onto our books. All our staff are required to have a Working with Children Check, Police Check, First Aid, and checkable references. We strive to match you with a member of staff who has the appropriate level of experience, personality type, and relevant skillset who will compliment you and your family.

How Many Children Can One Member of Staff Look After?

The safety of your children is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we don't ever have any more than 4 children per nanny. This number is sometimes reduced depending on the age of your little ones. If you have queries about child ratios, send us an inquiry, and we can give you a personalised response related to your child's needs.

Can I Combine Childcare With Another Family?

We get it. Sometimes you want to combine childcare with your friends or share a nanny. Whether it’s to save on costs or get your kids together. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to accommodate up to two families in one booking, providing there’s the correct child to caregiver ratio. If you do decide the share the costs with another family, there’ll be an extra charge of $5.00 per hour and an extra $5.00 booking fee.

What if a Member of Staff Doesn’t Work Out?

As much as we want them to, sometimes things don’t always work out. If, for whatever reason, you feel like your new member of staff is not a good fit, Lisa’s Staffing Solutions are happy to find you a replacement. Once we receive your request, we’ll provide you with an approximate time frame once we have all your booking details. Swiftly getting you back on track to finding the perfect fit.

I Want to Work at Lisa’s Staffing Solutions, How Do I Apply?

So, you want to work with us. That’s great news! Take a look at our jobs page which lists all our latest job opportunities and make sure to check regularly. If you don’t see anything of interest, then you can submit your expression of interest and we will be in touch when an opportunity comes up. Before working with us, you will need a Working with Children Check, Police Check, First Aid, and checkable references. If you have any more questions about what it’s like to work at Lisa’s Staffing Solutions then get in touch. Our door is always open.

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