Top 8 Interview Tips for Nannies

Posted by Brooke Parsons on 15 May, 2024

Interviews are the best opportunity to showcase your suitability for the role and leave a positive lasting impression on your potential new family. Moreover, it gives you the chance to delve into the specifics of the family dynamic, routines and expectations, so that you can make an informed decision about whether they are the right fit for you. 

In this article, we want to empower you with strategies that are needed to ace your next nanny interview. From your first impression to understanding the intricacies of the family’s needs, these top 8 interview tips will help you feel confident and prepared to step into any nanny interview.

1. Dress neat and tidy

You don’t need to dress like you are going to a corporate interview in a shirt and blazer, but you should make sure to look presentable and professional. Taking pride in your appearance and showing up dressed professionally shows that you have respect for the interview process and your new potential family.

2. Bring your resume with you

We suggest you bring an electronic and paper copy of your resume with you that you can then discuss with the potential employer. This shows your preparedness for the interview and also will give you talking points and things to refer to. Make sure to include your references on your resume, so they are easy for potential employers to find. 

3. Share any relevant experience

Just like any job the potential family will want to know about your experience working with children and how you have done this in the past. It is important that you discuss previous experience and how it has prepared you for working with children. Make sure to include specific duties and the ages of the children you have worked with. 

4. Discuss safety measures

Naturally, parents worry about their children and want to know that they are going to be in the safest hands possible. It is important that you discuss your commitment to keeping children safe and highlight any qualifications and skills you have to do this such as First Aid Certificates, CPR, Police Checks and any other certifications you may have.  

5. Be enthusiastic

Make sure you show enthusiasm for the job and be genuinely excited. This doesn’t mean getting super giddy but parents want to know that you actually want to be there and you are actually going to enjoy looking after their children. Make sure you express this during your interview. 

6. Highlight special skills

Do you have any special skills that are going to set you apart from other nannies? If so, then during the interview is a great time to mention them and how you use these when looking after children, plus what benefits they bring. Special skills could include a second language, musical talents, or specific training and education. Not many people like tooting their own horn, but an interview is literally the best place to do this. 

7. Hypothetical scenarios

Make sure you are prepared to discuss how you handle hypothetical scenarios such as emergency situations, conflicts between children or specific activities. Be specific in your answers, not wishy-washy and pull from any previous experience you’ve had showing how you have handled this situation in the past and what the outcome was. 

8. Be honest

You do not need to be an expert in every single thing a potential employer asks you about and it is better to be honest if you are unsure about something or if you don’t have the skill than to be caught out later on. You can always approach these situations by asking for more clarity or saying that you are not well versed in this however, you are happy to learn. 

Remember an interview is a two-way street. It is your chance to not only put your best foot forward but also to assess if this family is going to be the right fit for you. So make sure to be your authentic self, have a clear sense of what you are looking for and trust your instincts.

This piece was published in the Australian Nanny Magazine.

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