3 Things You Should Know To Make Learning Fun For Your Kids

A Guide For Parents Who Want To Know How To Make Learning Fun For Their Little Ones At Home
Posted by Brooke Parsons on 8 September, 2022

Let’s not beat around the bush here… Getting your kiddos excited about hitting the books and studying for their tests is HARD!

And it’s often a battle that’s met with the utmost resistance.

But what if you could inspire your kids and show them learning is fun? 

What if, as a parent, you could live in a world where instead of being met with resistance and frustration you could be met with enthusiasm and eagerness from your little ones? Where they’re excited to bury their nose into a book and immerse themselves in a world of knowledge.

Well, let us tell you, this world EXISTS!

In this blog, we want to share with you three things you should know about how to make learning fun at home. Where you can inspire them to complete their homework with ease and promote a positive reaction to learning.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Then keep on reading!

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1. Know Your Children's Learning Style

Just like you and me, your child has a way they learn best.

That means it’s up to you to find out their learning style and create activities that work to their strengths. Ensuring they have an effective and fun study session each and every time.

If you’re unsure of the seven main learning styles, here they are:

  1. Visual

Your child learns best with images, videos, or demonstrations to help them process information.

Example: Get them to write out their thoughts or draw a brainstorm map about the subject on hand.

  1. Aural

Aural learners learn best with sounds and music.

Example: Make up songs and rhymes that will help your kiddo remember the information.

  1. Verbal 

A verbal learner works best when they are listening to stories, writing their own, and learning new words.

Example: Get your little ones to write out their thoughts and focus on learning a new word every day.

  1. Physical

Your child learns best when doing hands-on activities.

Example: Create fun activities that are relevant to the topic they're learning. Such as puzzles, games, or activity booklets.

  1. Logical

Logical learners learn best when they understand the reason behind the content they are learning.

Example: Explain the reasons behind everything they are doing and give real-world examples.

  1. Social

This is when a child learns best when talking with others about what they are learning.

Example: Talk to your little one about their favourite subjects or what they learned that day 

  1. Solitary

Solitary learners learn best when they are by themselves in a quiet space.

Example: Make sure you have a quiet space for your child to study in so they can take themselves away to learn.

2. Set Goals and Make Them Fun

Goals are great because they give your child something to work towards.

It’s a tangible product that serves a purpose, eliminating the feeling like the work they are doing is irrelevant or unimportant.  

Make sure to celebrate every time your child completes a goal too!

When you break down large tasks into smaller goals, that big mountain of work becomes manageable. Taking the dread out of study time and beating the overwhelm.

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3. Give Encouragement and Focus on Their Efforts

When a behaviour is positively reinforced it strengthens our desire to engage in it. That's because we begin to associate good things happening whenever we do it.

And learning is no different!

So, how do you use positive reinforcement to motivate your little ones to learn?

Well, it’s easier than it sounds! 

Start off by telling them you’re proud of their hard work and progress in school. Repeat that you think they’re doing a great job. Show your happiness and tell them not to give up, etc.

By giving constant reassurance, you’ll encourage them to keep going and give them the energy boost they need, often when they need it most. 

TOP TIP: Even if your kids find a certain subject hard or it doesn’t come as naturally to them as they’d like, don't worry. The key to know how to make learning fun is to keep up the positive spirit, no matter what!

Which tip will you be using first to inspire your little ones to learn?

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